November 4, 2014


I find there are things I could  photograph from multiple angles, with different focal points, different lighting, different composition, different cropping — and see something new with each shot.  There’s so much here to think about in this image, and so much line and form and texture and light and dark to respond to!

This is much less frightening to think about than politics.  I voted today.  It feels both very important and very dismaying — we seem to be — no, this is an ocean blog, not a political/philosophical blog.

This formation is at the base of the cliff, where it meets the sand.  The cliff meets the sand.  That’s fine.

3 thoughts on “November 4, 2014”

  1. You just reminded me of something I’m learning or shall we say, unlearning in a program I’m currently in. And that is to love without judgment. Just noticing things without having to judge them. Not always easy, sometimes darn right difficult, but certainly worth the effort.

    Oh, and I love how you see beauty in everything! It encourages at least me to look deeper, and to see more than what the surface provides.

    1. Thank you! Seeing newly and clearly is what it’s about for me…noticing the mundane, noticing what we tend to take for granted…taking my first drawing class was eye-opening, literally!

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