November 5, 2016

Camp Store Wood
Camp Store Wood

The campground is just about full this weekend and it’s in the 70s out.  The water temperature is low 60s.  The sun is still strong and it’s sure not like November in any of the other places I’ve lived.

The wood bundles are piled up in the camp store, which is open on weekends during the so-called “off” season.  It’s never really off season here.  We saw a Minnesota license plate, two from British Columbia, and the usual assortment from Arizona and Utah.  What’s astounding to me is the number of campers who come from within twenty or thirty miles  — you can tell by their license plate holders!

This wood makes for nice-smelling (even if polluting and allergy-provoking) smoke.  The cooking fires in the morning (bacon!) and in mid-to-late afternoon are drool-inducing.  The evening smoke makes me think of camp songs…even if I have to close my windows.

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