November 6, 2016

Hibiscus at Park
Hibiscus at Park

Well, sort of park.  We went to the Carlsbad Fair today, an enormous thing with hundreds of vendors, mostly clothing and crafts and soaps and suchlike, with some food and a few artists.  Even the crafts weren’t exciting.  I think we have street fair fatigue; it all starts looking the same.  There was a Republican party booth and a Democratic one; this is *not* a juried show!

However, it was another gorgeous day to be out, and this elegant bloom and its companions graced the park-planted shrubs along the streets. Maybe not exactly parks, but public greenery nevertheless.

The campfire smoke drifts faintly in our still-open windows as we wait for the much-delayed cooler weather that we hope will come. At least we no longer need our air-conditioning!  And I’m hopeful we won’t all need attitude reconditioning come Wednesday.

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