November 7, 2014

Random Image
Random Image

I have a library of my photo images.  I closed my eyes and dragged my cursor and clicked on this.  Don’t know why I didn’t use it before.

What a texture contrast!  The sea carries its treasures gently onto the shore and leaves them juxtaposed like carefully orchestrated compositions:  The bright color and delicacy of the seaweed upon the large, pale, smooth stone, nestled into the darker bed of smaller stones.  And the smaller ones are turned every which way, yet arranged so they nearly interlock,  and vary in color, and are speckled or not, and are flattened or rounded.

And there’s a little pod of kelp pointing towards the large tan stone, just in case we missed noticing this juxtaposition of animate and inanimate.  Although I think the more time I spend with these beach stones, the more animate they seem!

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