November 8, 2014

Fred the Lady Desert Tortoise
Fred the Lady Desert Tortoise

The beach holds more treasures than you can imagine: meet this large tortoise, owned by Greg since he was 5 years old.  Greg and Cindi were at the beach doing a photo shoot with their two young sons, their dog, and their ever-present tortoise.  Greg confided that he didn’t realize Fred was a lady for many years.

Fred is a good 10-12″ long, if my memory serves me.  He was in a box, and Greg let him out so I could take his photo near the jetty.  More jetty photos to come, but this is my first tortoise-on-the-beach, so Fred wins the day.

And there are some who say it’s turtles (tortoises?) all the way.  Could be!

One thought on “November 8, 2014”

  1. A friend who has a tortoise tells me that turtles need to live in and around water whereas tortoises can live in a dry and hotter climate, like the desert.

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