October 10, 2014

Tea and embroidery
Tea and embroidery

Nicholas Hlobo, a South African artist, made this work shown at the Tate Modern.    Stitching on paper.  Paint and textile.  I love the combination.  There are also references to traditional Xhosa belief.  One doesn’t have to be familiar with that to appreciate the beauty.

I resumed knitting today after a year’s hiatus.  It felt good.  My hands know what they need.  I also made six cards.  Now, if only I could begin a series of cohesive work that would capture my longing and yearning, while calming my frantic flight towards a focus…

5 thoughts on “October 10, 2014”

  1. Sending love and blessings for answers to your longings and yearnings, and a feeling of lasting peace.

    1. It’s people like you who challenge my sense of what art is. I was always into music and never took any art classes. So I’m finally beginning to get it, at least a little. And even in the last few days, I’ve learned a few little things from you, my Friend. So, thanks!

  2. Oh, you are most welcome!
    I think it takes looking and thinking and perhaps some education. For instance, many people don’t respond immediately to (pick one) symphonic music, or opera, or discordant 20th century experimental music, or hip-hop…I took many classes, studied art history, and have been making art for twenty years. There are still lots of things I see that I don’t “get,” but I usually assume it’s a bridge missing in my own experience…unless I think that a piece is just a stylish commercial gesture. Which happens sometimes. The Tony Cragg piece of the October 11 blog was new to me and I clearly connected with it! There was a huge piece in an adjoining gallery that was a take-off on shipping/loading docks and associated structures. It was two stories high. It held no visual appeal for me. Someone once said that for them, art had to appeal to both the eye and the mind. Others would add that it needs to have emotional impact. Sometimes it’s just beautiful!

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