October 10, 2016

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts

They look constructed, rather than grown.  They look like mathematical models of some strange underlying chemical relationship.  They look whimsical.  They look alien.  They look a bit like something growing somewhere unsavory.  I mean, really unsavory!  (Pun intended.  Or maybe it isn’t actually a pun.)

Were they bred to look like this, to grow like this?  And is the stalk edible?  And those mini-stick-things that stick out?   Who figured it out, anyway?  I do have similar questions about artichokes.  People must taste just about everything, or who would possibly have tasted these things?  And figured out how to cook them, too!  Who figured out you could scrape your teeth on an artichoke’s petal (?  — well, it’s the flower, so isn’t it the petal?) and get something edible?  And that the ‘heart’ is edible.  And that you should dip them in melted butter, or even mayonnaise.   Amazing, what we eat and how we eat it.

Brussels sprouts, which kids call ‘Brussel sprouts’ because they don’t know about the city.

They sure are pretty.

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