October 17, 2016

Not Clouds
Not Clouds

Though it seems cloud-like.  Back to my first SoCal beach discovery: the patterns left by the sprinkle of lighter-colored sand being pulled away from the underlying magnetic, darker sand —  by wave action.

This example seemed unusually wispy and cloud-like, perhaps wind-blown in appearance.  The very darkest sand is dramatic, and looks like a broad swath of charcoal.  The whole photo has the texture of a charcoal drawing.  Maybe I’ll get out my charcoal and try some sketching, beach or otherwise.

3 thoughts on “October 17, 2016”

    1. Natural color. Might have been the lighting at that time of day. A rich result, which was a surprise; and again, these are all shot with my phone, so often I can see only vaguely what I will get. Usually wearing sunglasses and it is hard to see just what’s there in bright sun.
      And thanks for the compliment!

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