October 23. 2017

In the Pink

You would think it’s spring.  This is blooming in the grounds of our condo complex.  Some sort of impatience (?) on a large, sprawling shrub.  “Impatience” is a great name for a flowering plant.  Whose impatience?  G-d’s?  The grower’s?  The plant’s?  The color is less than impatient, for sure.  Call it “vibrance,” perhaps?!

3 thoughts on “October 23. 2017”

  1. Love the color and appreciate the sentiment. I think the spelling is “impatiens”. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Ah, yes, thank you. Of course. I think I knew that. I wonder if the final “s” is pronounced hard or soft. ImpatienZ? Impatient impatiens…

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