October 25, 2016

Night Light
Night Light

So, when you realize you didn’t take a walk, that it’s after 10 pm and the day got away from you, and you want/need a photo for your blog, what do you do?  Why, you grab your camera (phone) and dash into the teensy area called your back yard, and stumble around a bit in the dark, and remember there are white roses out there, and turn the settings on the phone camera to “flash on” and point the thing at the area where you think there are roses, and click on the camera icon.

Upon doing so, the scene seen (haha) by the camera shows itself briefly, there’s a nice audible ‘click,’ and then you get to see what the camera saw.  Three times in a row it’s bad and blurry and blown out (camera lingo) and the fourth time it’s ok.

So there’s ok up there, a beacon of white bright light, pertly and smugly being itself.  Well, maybe not smug.  I guess a rose can be pert, but it’s way too much anthropomorphism to say smug, do you think?  It’s definitely a night light, though.

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