October 26, 2014

Columbia Road Flowers -- More!
Columbia Road Flowers — More!

I’m not even sure what they are, but aren’t they glorious?!  I love the way the colors transition from intense pink and fuchsia to lighter pink to coral to purple to lavender, almost to white.

Georgia O’Keeffe certainly brought floral close-ups to our attention and I doubt she would mind my revisiting them, even with my vision perhaps derivative of hers.  But then again, who does anything completely new?  And, on the other hand, there are no ties and there are no truly identical copies — in nature or physics or art.

We always add (or subtract or modify) something with our own point of view and our own process.  Which is why photography is an art.  And why I am participating in my own small, hopefully humble yet meaningful, way.  We all have a yearning to make meaning.

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