October 26, 2015

Another Gray Horizon
Another Gray Horizon

I wonder why these misty, blendy days intrigue me so?  Perhaps it’s like boundary conditions in mathematics and problem definition — the interesting things happen at the edges, both perceived and posited.  So where are the edges here, looking over the edge of the earth (and I am indeed looking over the edge of the beachfront cliff) to the edge of the sea, to the edge of the sky, with none of those edges clear or crisp although we know they are certainly there?  Now, that was a very long question, as I pause to take a breath, as the wave itself pauses in its race up the sand, as the sky, too, pauses while deciding how to descend upon the sea, whose waves foam in contrasting whiteness as they add contrast to the composition.  Yes.

One thought on “October 26, 2015”

  1. Some of us have no trouble figuring this out. We draw a line to represent the edge of the ocean and the beginning of the sky (or the edge of the prairie and the beginning of the sky), until someone teaches us to look for a line at the horizon. I think it takes a while to become comfortable w/ physical ambiguity.

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