October 27, 2016

Beach Shrub
Beach Shrub

Pretty forbidding looking, isn’t it?!  I would guess the ground squirrels give it a wide berth — or can they burrow under it and be well-protected?

Some kind of cactus.  Or, as E.B. White might have penned, “Some Cactus!”  Our unseasonably warm weather must be making it thirsty.  A drizzle might descend in the next day or two, and that just might turn this from dusty gray-brown to a more vibrant green.  I’ll check it out.  Eventually.

One thought on “October 27, 2016”

  1. Yowk! I would give it a wide berth. The way your weather is going you will never see it any more green and vibrant than it is now.

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