September 1, 2016

Public Art
Public Art

These were along a low retaining wall in Little Italy.  Or Little Little Lee, as we sometimes call it.  My sister and I went downtown to the San Diego Quilt Show, and on our way to supper tonight, walking from the Coaster stop, we came across a perhaps 20-foot length of decorated retaining wall.  This was part of the blue-green section.  One of the blue-green sections.  It was so pretty.  These forms are about 4-6″ long, 2-3″ tall.  They overlap, they vary, they are pretty.  I said that.  “Pretty” isn’t a word I use a lot.  But it works here.

So: are they leaves or casts of tire tracks or casts of something else or wholly invented?  I like the varieties of the glazes, of the patterns, of the sizes, and even the irregularities of the forms.  Things to enjoy walking along big-city streets.


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