September 12, 2015


This may not seem to be related to the ocean, but it is.  I was at a quilt show today, and I photographed only two quilts.  They each had white backgrounds.  They each had few colors.  They each had a graphic punch and deceptive simplicity.

The ocean makes me want to clear things out, get clarity, get simple and basic, and, really, elemental.  My eyes are too full of pattern and complexity and busy-ness and objects and too-muchness.

There’s too much clutter in my life.  Too much stuff, too many constraints (often self-imposed), and therefore not enough space.  Space for what?  Space for thought, appreciation, reflection, creativity, equanimity.

I would like to move everything out (again?!) and bring in only what I truly need and love.  When I saw this quilt, I said I wanted the house it would live in.   A white space.  A clean, uncluttered space.  Some wood, some not-shiny metal, and light, and high-ish ceilings, and one or two pieces of art, and breathing room.

And then again, I saw a wall in a photo, a wall containing perhaps thirty pieces of framed art.  That was wonderful too.

Which is why I have such a hard time with getting clarity.  Perhaps I need that emptier house, with just one wall somewhere with all that art.  The ocean is just what it is.  I need home to be that way too.

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