September 15, 2016

SoCal Tree Line
SoCal Tree Line

It’s such a strange mix of vegetation here: sub-tropical and desert and not.

I took this photo because of the big lush palm that dominates and just realized that there are also those two background iconic lollipop palms [my term for them] and the fir or pine or whatever plus the eucalyptus variety.  Sure is typical of the mish-mash around here.  And amazing to me that it’s so green despite the continuing drought.  I can’t remember the last time it rained.  Really.  It would be a refreshing relief.

2 thoughts on “September 15, 2016”

  1. Love your mish-mash this morning. So many of the plants in SoCal were originally brought in from other places. I remember hearing that Mr. Wegeforth of San Diego Zoo fame, brought in lots of plants to Balboa Park from all over the world. Interesting how well so many of them grow, and remain green, even with the drought. Like you, they’re thriving there!

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