September 19, 2015

La Jolla Denizen
La Jolla Denizen

Surveying his domain.  And ours, sometimes, too.  When we go to La Jolla for an event, we like to walk around in Scripps Park, and watch and smell the sea lions, and check out the cormorants and the gulls and the pelicans.  This guy (?) was perching and seemed to be posing just for us tourists (tourists we mostly are, from both near and far.)

It was a stunning day, and we had a great dinner, some fine walking, an excellent gelato treat, and a book arts lecture at the I-can’t-believe-it,-it’s-like-the-library-of-my-childhood Athenaeum .  The latter has old ashy brown wood floors, real wood and metal-handled card catalogs, perfectly worn oriental rugs, a  grand piano, and is dedicated to house art and music books of many sorts, as well as art exhibits, concerts, and lectures.   It even smells right.  It has high ceilings and the right balance of dark coziness with big old windows that treat the sun with respect.  If you woke up dead there, you’d be sure you’d landed in heaven.

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