September 3, 2015

Mystery Anthill?
Mystery Anthill?

So, any botanists out there, or someone with more patience than I have for searching online?  I saw this on my walk today; it’s about the size of an anthill, but Google isn’t telling me anything.  It’s a bit spooky looking, all white and fibrous.    Someone’s nest for sure, but whose?

7 thoughts on “September 3, 2015”

    1. Actually, I assume I need an entymologist rather than a botanist? Well, not sure about the anchoring. Maybe I’ll go back and see it again today.

  1. I keep thinking about this. It almost looks like a scrap of some substance that blew in–furniture stuffing, fringe, hair, or…?

    1. There was more of it in other places yesterday and it did indeed look less anchored in place. Also, this bit of it wasn’t there any more, so you may be correct. What’s strange is that the stuff in this photo was the only instance of it at that time. Even if it’s man-made detritus (ooh, got to use that word!) it was visually interesting. It was very light and fluffy to the touch and didn’t ‘dissolve’ like a spider web would.

  2. We occasionally see something like this in the woods where we go walking. I believe it is dog hair. There are various collies, shelties and other long-haired dogs that we see regularly. It’s almost as if the owner brushed the dog in the park, or else the dog was brushed at home but some of the hair didn’t fall off until the dog got to the park.

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