September 30, 2014


Some things are the same world over.  Like cats and humor.  We thought this was charming.

As we did the custom, in many of the villages on the tourist van routes, of leaving homemade baked goods out on doorsteps for sale.  With a bin for payment on the honor system.  I had the best meringue I’ve ever eaten — hazelnut — at such a place.  Also superb chocolate fudge.  I couldn’t quite figure out what made the latter so distinctively yummy, but decided it was the use of brown sugar instead of or in addition to white, and the lack of the typical American marshmallow fluff.  I liked the grainier texture and the depth of caramel flavour (note the ‘u’)added to the chocolate by the brown sugar.

The British have a way with sweets and with signs.

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