September 8, 2016

Fifth Gray-brown Image
Fifth Gray-brown Image

Is it a mood?  Or just happenstance?

At any rate, I love the golden light that comes through and warms the gray.  This was a gnarled shrub, or its remains, very common along the cliffs at the beach.  The light was a surprise; I thought it would be about texture alone.  When I am taking photos in the evening, facing the sun, I can barely see what I’m focusing on, so this is quite satisfying.

A good number of ambiguous shapes in there, plus the pink in the center foreground that I wouldn’t have predicted.  Looking *after* taking the photo certainly rewards looking *before,* in ways I’d never have suspected.

2 thoughts on “September 8, 2016”

  1. Isn’t it amazing what a camera helps you see? (Of course, over shooting can drop out other scenes and experiences.) I have taken photos of local fungi/toadstools/mushrooms in various stages of development. We’ve had so much rain there are some I’ve never seen before. I also took a photo of every winged critter munching on fallen pears in my drive. It would be so easy for you and me to have by-passed some really interesting things and their colors.

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